Growing Together in Holiness

Growing Together in Holiness

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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to be in Grand Rapids and view many inspirational and contemporary art pieces during the annual ARTPRIZE. There were so many outstanding and creative sculptures, paintings, and murals. Standing near their creations were the artists, and I had the chance to visit with some of them. What impressed me most was the deep spirituality from which they created their pieces, and their commitment in wanting to make a significant difference in how we live together on planet earth!

One artist used a huge piece of white silk, to paint multiple layers of acrylics in various shades of black, white and gray to give it depth and texture, including bumps and cracks. The finished piece was a beautiful image of what looked like a cinder block wall. Artist, Nolan Haan, named it “SOCIETY,” defining society as a group of similar, but unique, individuals that come together for a common purpose. Doesn’t that just help us know why our organization is called a Society? Artist Haan said, “I transform silk into cement!”

Speaking of transformation, this is also what is asked of us as Vincentians. Our ministry has the same possibilities for expressing the artistry of what God wants for all creatures, especially us humans made in the image and likeness of God. Vincentians are called to act from a deep spirituality that is grounded in Jesus, the human expression of God. We are called to friendship with like-minded individuals for a common purpose, responding in many “artistic” forms of service, making a significant difference in this world.

As a new Associate Spiritual Advisor, I have been encouraged to offer my assistance in helping our AOD SVDP Conferences develop and renew the role of Spiritual Advisor. From the Society’s beginnings every Conference was to have someone with the special charge of helping fellow Vincentians achieve the primary purpose of our Society: growing together in holiness. To help us renew this special role, I believe it will be best to do this with volunteers from conferences in various area groups where we can learn from one another and share best practices. For information or to schedule a Spiritual Advisor Workshop, please contact me, Sister Noreen at or Debbie Jackson at 313-393-3014.

From S. Noreen Ellison, SC