An Update from Therese – November 2018

An Update from Therese – November 2018

An Update from Therese – November 2018 1000 1000 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

With Thanksgiving here, I am once again reminded on how grateful I am for the life God has given me. As I see how some of our neighbors struggle to even acquire the most basic needs it makes me more aware of how God has blessed me.

As we enter into the holiday season, we Vincentians continue our service to our friends. Holiday baskets, giving trees, coat drives making the holidays special for those with the greatest need. Our gospel mission continues to strengthen our spiritual growth. Your Vincentian leadership not only continues the outreach but, continues the responsibilities as leaders in the Council. We recently held an Archdiocesan Board Meeting and I would like to update you on the topics discussed. Minutes from the Executive Committee, Vincentian Life Committee and Governance Committee were approved. Resolutions were presented by the Governance Committee to establish a Finance Committee to work with our Executive Committee, CFO and CEO in financial matters. With all the changes in government reporting, we are extremely grateful to have the expertise of these three volunteers: Laurie Horvath, Robert Rock and Mark Lezotte join Mark Gilroy our Archdiocesan Treasurer, Rose Paczkowski our CFO, and Dan Malone along with our Executive Committee in being the best stewards of the resources we so graciously receive. Other areas the Governance Committee presented are resolutions covering CEO Limitation Policy, Position Description  for Council Board of Directors, Council Board Member Roles and Responsibilities, Voice of the Poor Committee Charter, Sex Offender Policy-Conference and Council, Harassment Policy, Contingency Committee Charter, Donor Privacy Policy, Gift Acceptance Policy and Board Chair and CEO Partnership Policy. We welcomed two new District Presidents to the Board, Sheila Cassett represents the Monroe District and Elina Munoz is representing the Mid City.  Your Board of Trustees is working to keep the Detroit Council one of the strongest in the Nation. Another topic was the approval of the Archdiocesan Council budget.  Many thanks to all staff and volunteers who keep our Council operating at such a high level. 

As I mentioned in a previous article, at the National Meeting SVDP approved a Strategic Plan. Since we here in Detroit had not developed our own since 2012, we have embarked on creating a vision for our future as well. Working in conjunction with the National Plan of Expanding and Strengthening Our Network Of Friends, Encouraging and Supporting Vincentians On Their Spiritual Journey, Advocate For And Work Towards A More Just World, Promote Deeper and Meaningful Relationships With Those We Serve and Develop, Improve, and Expand Services we have formed a group to bring to us a plan that will enhance our Vincentian Vocation. We owe thanks to fellow Vincentians Nancy Szlezyngier, Bob Saltsman, Althea Graham, Nalani Miller, Tom Reiss, and Dan Malone as this project gets underway. We will keep you posted on the progress. 

I have been asked to remind conferences that if you find yourselves in a strong financial position please consider a twinning opportunity. Maybe you would be able to share your good fortune with a conference with limited resources. If you think you could make that commitment, please give Debbie Jackson a call at (313) 393-3014 and she will be able to inform you of the conferences with the greatest need.

With under a year left in my second term as Archdiocesan President, we  are  in the process of succession planning. We have a nominating  committee comprised of past Council Presidents who will soon be accepting nominations. After the holidays, you will be invited to submit the names of possible candidates, after obtaining the potential candidate’s approval. Please pray for this as we consider new servant leadership. 

God Bless,