January 2019 Update from Therese Frye, Board President

January 2019 Update from Therese Frye, Board President

January 2019 Update from Therese Frye, Board President 206 321 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Dear Fellow Vincentians,

At this special time of year, I hope each of you has felt the peace and joy that the Christ Child brings. It is a time of reflection of holidays past, people who shared these special times and traditions you have created. A tradition we at St. Vincent de Paul have established is our Annual Meeting held in January. This year we will soon meet on Sunday, January 20th at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. At this year’s Meeting, we will be focusing on our Vincentian Spirituality. Our Spirituality Committee has drafted several questions we will be discussing. These questions are found on the Annual Meeting postcard you received recently. In looking at these questions, they have really made me stop and think and reflect on my past twenty-six years as a Vincentian.

Just looking and answering question one, “In what way have you changed or grown since becoming a Vincentian I know that my experience has helped me to see more of “real life” as my neighbors live it. What a great opportunity and gift to walk with my friends as they allow me to be part of their journey.  My neighbors in need have afforded me the opportunity to do God’s work. I am grateful to them for allowing me to serve.  By sharing their experiences, my life is richer and more fulfilled. And if that isn’t growth I don’t know what is. The second question posed is “What will help you stay committed to SVDP and grow spiritually?  My spiritual journey has always been very personal because it is my relationship with God. But SVDP  has helped me grow through my Vincentian vocation. For the longest time, I did not realize that being a Vincentian was a vocation. I was not sure I had that strong feeling of suitability for being a true Vincentian but, as the years go by, I find that God put the St. Vincent de Paul Society into my life as a tool for my spiritual growth and renewal. Sometimes, I get tired and find myself slightly jaded but, my commitment to the Society remains intact because it is part of God’s plan for me making it more relational with Him.  I can only hope and pray that my spirituality through the Society grows as the Lord intended. Question number three asks “What will help SVDP remain effective in living our Mission and Value? What can we do to sustain St. Vincent de Paul in the future?”  I feel that through prayer, adhering to our core values and the relationships we establish and maintain, the Detroit Council with continue to grow and flourish for years to come.

Now that I have shared my thoughts, I ask you to review the same questions and be able to share your thoughts when we all meet at the Annual Meeting because your input is one of our most valuable assets. You are St. Vincent de Paul!!!!!

God Bless,