An Update from Nancy – December 2019

An Update from Nancy – December 2019

An Update from Nancy – December 2019 1000 1100 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Dear Fellow Vincentians,

The Holidays are upon us.  As you and your family begin your preparation for the celebration of Christmas and the New Year, please reflect on the goodness that God has brought to you.

Many of us are blessed with family members that will join us in our holiday events.  Many have family living afar and communication will be by telephone or writing.  Many of us have sufficient assets to make it a jolly material Christmas. As Catholics, we are blessed with our faith and church community as we celebrate Mass and the coming of Christ’s birth.

Many of our neighbors in need do not have the material blessings that we enjoy. Many do not have a spiritual component to their life.  Children may have a difficult time understanding why their wishes don’t come true. Vulnerable adults may be alone and unable to reach out to others.

What can we do as Vincentians to make this Christmas Season a more joyous one for all those we serve?  

My words are not new, but hopefully will serve as a reminder to all of us.  As you go about your home visits, pray with your neighbors. Invite them to attend services at your Parish. Provide a Church Bulletin to them for information on times and special events.

Many conferences plan a Christmas giving event for neighbors to help them in celebrating.  Giving trees and food boxes are one way to make for a more joyous Christmas for our neighbors in need.  If your conference is lacking funds to do a large event, plan a small one that involves your active participation.  Giving does not have to be material. Showing you care and are there to listen to one’s troubles may make a far greater difference in their life than physical goods. Don’t fret whether they have contacted other sources for gifts or food for their families.  This is not the time to worry about duplication, just giving.

Christmas is a time of love and giving. Give and love with all your heart to your family, friends and neighbors in need.

God bless all.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Nancy Szlezyngier