An Update from Nancy – July 2020

An Update from Nancy – July 2020

An Update from Nancy – July 2020 1000 1100 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Dear fellow Vincentians,


The Pandemic is still with us for who knows how long.  As numbers change by region, States across the country are shifting into reopening stages, with varied results from state to state.

We as Vincentians, our friends and family and our neighbors in need also have varying thoughts and emotions on entering a reopening stage. If you or someone you know has been exposed to this virus or have known someone who has died from it, the willingness to return to what was considered normal may be far different than one who has limited their exposure to the media’s outpouring of information.

What’s next?  When will life as before the Pandemic return to us?  Dinners and visits with extended family and friends are an important part of life, yet so many are not ready to host an event at their home or plan a meal at a restaurant. So, we toddle on using phone, facetime and Zoom technology to check on each other and be as supportive as needed.

Although Vincentian life in so many ways is on hold, some of us have stepped out of our comfort zone, by attending a few in person meetings for St. Vincent de Paul business with adherence to the guidelines for social distancing.  However, some Conferences have yet to meet in person and the majority of members are very cautious in their response to such meetings.

Frustration at this stagnation of life is tremendous, despite the belief that each day should be appreciated as it comes to us. Yet we need to plan, to be active, productive and still remain safe.

There are many issues on our Vincentian plate, both Conference driven and Central Office concerns.

  • Conference sustainability for membership, service and spirituality
  • Initiation of home visits
  • Formation availability for Ozanam Orientation and leadership training
  • Diversity inclusion in leadership and membership
  • Camp maintenance/updates 2020, and planning for Camp season 2021
  • Systematic change programming
  • Microloan availability
  • Conference and Central Office coffers
  • Fundraising and celebratory events.
  • Disaster response
  • Council Strategic planning

As we step softly and carefully in moving forward, life is returning to a new semblance of normal.   Our neighbors in need have not been forgotten, just as we have not forgotten our friends and family. Vincentian life is a commitment of oneself to our mission.

We have not forgotten that mission:

The Mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

“A network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.”

God bless to all of you,

Nancy Szlezyngier,

President, Board of Directors

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