An Update from Nancy – June 2020

An Update from Nancy – June 2020

An Update from Nancy – June 2020 1000 1100 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Dear Vincentians,

Due to little change in the Governor’s orders that impact most of us, my message is much the same as the May 2020 Connection article. As of May 27, 2020, we find ourselves still under “shelter in place” orders due to this horrific pandemic.

Our Governor has made limited modifications as we move forward in phases and the volume of vehicle traffic has increased as the weather warms and people move outside to enjoy the season.

Some Vincentians have experienced illness and deaths of their family and friends. Other Vincentians are very blessed with enough food, a comfortable home and sufficient income. It is a time of grief and time of quiet.

Vincentian Life has dwindled in time and energy.  Our Vincentian world has become quite silent except for those conferences distributing food and assisting the homeless. It is remarkably easy to forget about the poor in your neighborhood as one stays sheltered at home, focused on one’s personal situation.

What will our future hold?

Will our Vincentian lines flood with calls when the suspensions end and employment/Federal benefits expire?

  • Will there be sufficient resources for our neighbors?
  • Will we have compassion and consider their need with kindness or will we display irritation and initially ask “what did you do with your stimulus check or why aren’t you back to work?
  • Many Vincentians fit the description of the most vulnerable to Coved 19/over 65 and health issues. What individual risks are we ready to take to help the poor?
  • Will some of us give up being a Vincentian due to fears?

There is no recommended date for initiating home visits at this time. We must rely on the Executive orders in place as our guideline for safety. Our Society’s prayer is that Vincentians will step forward and face the anticipated onslaught of need, with courage, strength and as much creativity as necessary.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong.

God Bless,