An Update from Therese – September 2019

An Update from Therese – September 2019

An Update from Therese – September 2019 400 400 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Dear Fellow Vincentians,

This will be my final Conference Connection article as we transition into our new leadership. As you may be aware, during the August 12, Board of Trustees Meeting, Nancy Szlezygier was elected the new president of the Detroit Council.  I congratulate Nancy and offer her my full support. I know each of you will show Nancy the same kindness you have shown me.  I would like to thank all the candidates for stepping forward as nominees who place St. Vincent de Paul at the center of all they do. Thank you to Roger Playwin, Mike Casey, and Bernard Onwuemelie for your dedication to the Society. Each of you  offered your unique talents in  support our mission.

In the six years I have served as President,   it has been my honor to experience the support of a talented, committed staff at our Central Office as well as those who have served on our Archdiocesan Board and committees. I am grateful and thankful that each of you gave so much of your time and talent.

To you, my fellow Vincentians, my deepest gratitude for all your hard work and the inspiration you have given to sustain me in my role. Through your spirituality, service and friendship, we have journeyed together in our “mission of charity.”   Know that you will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts.

God Bless,