Conference Connection Retail Edition August

Conference Connection Retail Edition August

Conference Connection Retail Edition August 1000 1000 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Hello Vincentians and happy summer! I hope that everyone is having a blessed fun summer and enjoying all our beautiful state has to offer.

I know many of you have reached out in regards to the concerns you have had with the temporary closing of our Grand River Store. First off, I would like to say that I hear you loud and clear and also have had struggles over the last two months not having the store open. As many of you can imagine summer is a very busy time for our retail locations for incoming donations. We have struggled at many of our locations to absorb the sheer volume of donations coming through the donation door, especially with fewer stores to send goods to.

I have already spoken to several Conference Presidents and ran by the idea of “pop up stores” as an interim solution. So far the response has been extremely positive. My thought would be to run the pop up stores in various locations each week with pulled product from our retail stores at deeply discounted prices. As of now I am thinking we would offer mostly clothing, household items, and furniture. Our shoppers would also be able to use referral labels as needed.

This is where I need your help! If you happen to know of any available retail locations or outdoor parking lot space that might be willing to host us on a short term basis, please reach out to me directly. I would also love feedback on areas that would be easiest for our neighbors in need to get to, days and times that are best, as well any other specifics you might think of. I really am committed to thinking outside the box and doing what we can to provide mission services to those in need.

I am hoping to get our first “pop up store” up and running ASAP. I just need to shore up some final logistic details, and well, find a location.

I have listed my contact information below. I would love any help that you could provide in the way of feedback or even volunteers to help run the store when we get to that point.  Lastly, if you get a minute stop by the Dixie store and check out their backroom to see all we were able to accomplish at our Kaizen event last month.

That’s all for now… be blessed and continue to “see the possible” of today’s SVDPD!

Megan Witty –