Conference Connection – Spiritual Reflection

Conference Connection – Spiritual Reflection

Conference Connection – Spiritual Reflection 1000 1000 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Friends, this month we publish a spiritual reflection from longtime Vincentian, Catherine Bradford, who recently shared this with our Spirituality Group. Perhaps read it with your Conference and have your members reflect and pray on what this means to them.

God bless each one as we serve others striving to see the face Jesus as we meet those in need.

Sister Noreen Ellison, SC
Associate Spiritual Advisor

Life into Life

This is how and when the SVDP role of serving spiritually brought more understanding to me. Once we answer and open that door to serve, we must handle each person who reaches out to us, as if they are a beautiful and delicate flower. Not wanting to break or crush their spirit.

We never know what another person is going through or has gone through to end up on our steps or make that call to us. As we open our doors, let us take the very first steps of walking with Jesus. We welcome them with a greeting of love as bright as the sunshine, grabbing their attention so that the nurturing of our brothers and sisters will automatically begin to uplift them. When they leave us and wind down for the day, as the sun is setting, followed by the glowing moon, letting us all capture these signals from God. Let us leave the issues of this day behind, letting the tasks for that day, fill the giver and receiver with the spirit that God is always able.

We often hear we were born to die. Have you ever really dug so deep in your hearts, minds, and souls to only discover that it is life into life. Once we let our ungodly ways die, we can truly live and serve. The funny thing about this is, we have to to live our life in this imperfect world, discovering love, hurt, pain and suffering. In the meantime we wonder and discover how to keep moving through all of it. The answers come from our Creator and the people He wants us to share time and space with, in this life, gaining an insight of what is really important at the end of the day.

The knowledge and wisdom we have acquired through our works of faith and trusting in a merciful and loving God, spiritual nourishment is also shared. We now know, with a joyful heart, it is all good because we were able to do the best we could with what we had and that becomes a great start. Many times making it just enough for both of us to begin our journeys.

By taking each step, carrying and acting out the Fruit of the Spirit:

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

God’s gift to us is keeping us mindful of our experiences. This enables us, to continue with confidence to walk the walk and talk the talk, realizing we can still learn from one another. And never a doubt of how we got where we are.

These steps let us play out our greatest role in this life. We understand a little clearer each moment, as God is maneuvering and providing us with what is needed to serve each individual, resulting in truly serving Him. Our baby steps have become giant steps, propelling our spirits to peacefully soar, because we know we are not breaking any laws on earth and certainly not in Heaven, as God is completing us. ????????????   The Lord let me be in the midst of it all.

Catherine (Shelly) Bradford (Vincentian)
Detroit, Mi