From Sister Noreen – December 2020

From Sister Noreen – December 2020

From Sister Noreen – December 2020 1000 1000 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Pay attention! Wake up! Be on alert! God is with us! Our Christian vocation and our Vincentian vocation challenge us to be attentive to God’s abiding presence. Advent is meant to grow that awareness in us. To see and to be! To see the face of Christ in every neighbor, and the flip side of that is to be the face of Christ to each neighbor. It is quite a calling isn’t it?

Meeting our neighbors in need these Covid 19 days is really different. Coming together with our Conference friends is also different but we are being creative and doing our best with all the restrictions this pandemic has placed on us. Could it be that this Advent will be less hectic than other years? Could we create more personal time to reflect and prepare, to be alert to see how Jesus wants to be with us now?

Will it be six feet apart with a mask on? Will it be listening with an open heart to a desperate voice on the phone? Will it be that I assist in making someone’s burden lighter? Will it be that someone experiences Jesus through me? I have a little mantra to pray this Advent. Maybe you will pray it too?

Come Lord Jesus, I want to see you.
Come Lord Jesus, I want to serve you even when you come in distressing disguise! Come!

With you in prayer,

Sister Noreen Ellison, SC

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  • All of a sudden our conference is very busy….so busy that when we get to Faith issues bible class baptism for the children in some of the families we see….St.Rosemarie of the Home Visitors has volunteered her time on Tuesday morning to talk to the Mother’s about their Faith….so far so good.