From Sister Noreen – November 2020

From Sister Noreen – November 2020

From Sister Noreen – November 2020 1000 1000 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Growing Forward…

Who would ever have thought that we would still be in a pandemic ‘shut-out’ mode after eight long months?  Thankfully, our Detroit Conference Support Coordinator, and generous Vincentian volunteers created a way for us to learn and grow spiritually in our Vincentian vocation, to have an opportunity to become friends with other Vincentians, and to share creative ways we continue to serve our neighbors.

Coffee with Vincent is a 10-week continuing formation program offered in a Zoom meeting format. The one-hour sessions are presented on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. and offered again at 7:00 p.m. for ten weeks. There are different presenters each week with the program offered twice on each Wednesday, so participants are welcome at either the morning or evening sessions. It is important to pre-register even if it is close to the start time, as the link to get into the meeting will be sent to you.

Most of this pilot program is based on Serving in Hope Module One. Each of the 10 sessions includes Prayer, 15 minutes of Input, two break-out sessions for reflecting and sharing, and a large group wrap-up.  Having participated in several sessions, I believe the Continuing Formation Team created a great model. Eventually, along with this format, individual conferences may be able to create something similar with the lead being taken by your Spiritual Advisor. The topics could be chosen from a particular Serving in Hope Module summarized and shared by various conference members. Who knows how much more creativity will develop into new and insightful approaches?

Growing spiritually involves not just reading or hearing the gospels or an aspect of Vincentian spirituality, but reflecting, even pondering, the meaning for me as I understand it today. To articulate or share a meaning by putting your own words to the thought gives your companions a glimpse of you and your spirituality.   Often, I find that putting my reflection in words, as inadequate at it sometimes seems, I know it better and sometimes even remember it!.

Learning and praying with you, over coffee or a cup of water,

Sister Noreen Ellison, SC
Associate Spiritual Advisor