Retail Conference Connection – November 2019

Retail Conference Connection – November 2019

Retail Conference Connection – November 2019 1900 1079 St. Vincent de Paul Detroit

Hello Vincentians! I trust everyone is enjoying the fall weather and gearing up for what winter will likely have in store for us. I can hardly believe the holidays are right around the corner!

As a whole, the retail operations have very busy. We completed the first Kaizen event at the Dixie location in late June. Shortly after, we were approved for a complete overhaul of the parking lot. The lot was in desperate need of resurfacing and was completed in 4 days – just before the rain hit!

During that time, while the store was closed, the team was able to reconfigure the sales floor and give the store interior a much-needed facelift. The team worked quickly to rearrange displays, add fixtures, and ultimately allocate more space for product that is more aesthetically pleasing for our customers.

Since reopening, the response has been amazing!  Customers have commented that it looks like a completely new store, and are extremely pleased with the changes. The hard work is already paying off, as sales are started to soar, as well.  I am happy to report that our total retail operation is currently 13% higher in sales volume than this time last month. The results are encouraging as we move on to the next store.

Save the Date – Utica Kaizen Event – November 18

Planning and preparation are underway for our next Kaizen event which will take place at the Utica Store, November 18th-22nd.

As a reminder, Kaizen events are short-duration projects with a specific aim for improvement.  Typically, they are week-long events led by a facilitator with the implementation team being predominantly members of the area in which the kaizen event is being conducted.  For this event, it will include team members from all stores, store volunteers, SVdPD board members and Central Office staff, including the leadership team.  And hopefully a large group of Vincentians!  This will be a tremendous undertaking for the group involved but will harvest great results in a short period of time.

In order to make these needed changes, we need your help! Not only are we looking for individuals who are able to come and help us clean out our existing spaces, but we also need your help in thinking through how to efficiently set up our back area production rooms.

If you are able to attend, please RSVP to myself or Mary Torok no later than end of day on Tuesday, November 12, using the contact information below. Again, thank you for your ongoing dedication to our mission in helping neighbors in need. We look forward to seeing all of you as we work together to “see the possible” of today’s St. Vincent de Paul Detroit.

Megan Williams: Cell: 541-501-1203

Mary Torok: Direct: 313.393.2926